About Us

Watsu IndiaTM - Aquatic Bodywork Institute was constituted in 2000 with the vision to spread Watsu® and other aquatic bodywork modalities within India by offering Indian and international students the possibility to discover this beautiful healing therapy. It also offers a WABA recognized program to become a certified Watsu practitioner or teacher.

Watsu India Team


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Watsu in India

Watsu® (Water Shiatsu) started in 1980 in Harbin Hot Springs, California, USA and is continuingly spreading out in the world ever since.

It was just a question of time until 2000 also India got blessed with its own Watsu organization, taking care of what is going on in aquatic bodywork in this huge country with its endless possibilities.

Watsu India is an association of internationally recognized teachers and certified practitioners providing a professional learning program with highly qualified teachers from India and abroad. It also is the partner to talk to when there are questions about aquatic bodywork in general.

In collaboration with the worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association WABA, Watsu India offers autonomously its own complete professional education program, recognized by WABA.

Watsu India is in partnership with ATNI (Aquatic Therapy Network of India), a professional network of certified physiotherapists who are highly experienced, skilled, and specialised in water based rehabilitation. The network promotes water based therapy through education, clinical skills, research, publications, study days, workshops and courses.