Amnion® Training 1

A 6-day exploration into the fundamental principles of Biodynamic Cranial Sacral therapy in water and on land.

Amnion, a warm water modality, is a blend of prenatal somatic therapy, attachment theory, and cranial sacral unwinding. The water acts like an amnion (the membrane that surrounds and protects the embryo), allowing memories just below the surface of our awareness to emerge.

Once we tap into these implicit memories, there is a possibility of releasing an excess of imprints, which are stored in the body’s tissues, muscles, and organs.

This seminar starts with a self-exploration. Much of the first day is used to interview each other’s life story on the basis of an intake form. The result is a deepening resonance with each other, a necessary step for safety and connection that helps define the training.


In the pool, we explore the fundamental principles of Biodynamic Cranial Sacral therapy, based on presence and stillness in water, as if we are still in the liquid matrix of the amnion.

The work is slow and sacred with a substantial effect on the nervous system.

Work on land includes movement and awareness exercises, didactic information regarding embryology and neurology, and video screening.

For those, who do not have experience working with people under water, we will offer a brief overview of submersion techniques. Each day will include both land and water based explorations.

Prerequisites: Watsu Basic or an intro to Cranial Sacral therapy

Credits: 50 hours

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