Cosmic Child

A prenatal experience with Oceanic Bodywork Aqua®

Have you reached a point where you want to dive deeper into the essence, the 'spirit' of water work? Do you long for experiencing aquatic bodywork yourself without having to focus on learning techniques and movements? Do you want to explore your inner "liquid" being and dive into the unknown to discover new parts of yourself?

If your answer is yes and you would like to experiment with the memories of your prenatal past, then this course is for you.


During these seven days we will create a safe space, which will give you the trust to enter the mysterious adventure of the beginning of your life. In this process, you will have the opportunity to remember and relive your birth, your prenatal existence and perhaps even your conception through the powerful and deeply relaxing impact of Oceanic Bodywork Aqua®.

Embraced by warm water and carried by a series of soft, gentle exercises and meditations, you will be able to go back in your life step by step and open up to inner spaces, which are laying hidden in your subconscious. The warm water, aquatic bodywork and the loving presence of your water family will support you on your path through this intensive process.


The goal of this course is to dive into an inner space of peace and silence by experiencing your prenatal past. As an embryo, you were still very close to the cosmic peace beyond time and space. Once you become aware and remember this initial state of being, a feeling of calmness and expansion will descend upon you. The water will strongly support your experience, as you are resting in a space where time and space seem to dissolve. This feeling will enable you to go into deep meditation and dive into the inner ocean of your being with ease and grace.

The Cosmic Child process is not focused on Primal Therapy. Rather it is aimed at accessing your inner world of infinity, love and silence. You will be able to explore transitional times of life and death, of letting go and trusting existence. In this process, your deepest pain of separation can dissolve and you can relax into the water with the certainty that you've been held once and that you will be held forever by existence. You will know that you are in 'good hands' and consolidate this experience by taking it with you into your daily life.

For sure, your training as a water student or your professional water work with clients will greatly benefit from this process. It will offer you a further education on a deeper, spiritual level. This intensive course is not about learning techniques, but an enriching journey through your inner world and your own aquatic body work experience.

Discover floating through your infinite, inner universe like a COSMIC CHILD...

Prerequisites: OBA 3

Credits: Cosmic Child gives 25 hours of credit for registration as an elective with WABA and Watsu India.

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