Healing Dance 2

Healing Dance 2 asks the question, “How do we earn trust and gain access to the body at the beginning of a session?” The answer it provides lies in the trance-inducing Back Waves and in our quality of touch. In this training, we continue the study of spatial mandalas beyond the waves of Healing Dance 1 into the spiral, the eight and the spiral eight. Healing Dance 2 also focuses strongly on bodywork.


It offers a toolbox replete with massage techniques and stretches integrated into the flow of movement. The course delivers the fullness of Healing Dance's surface repertoire with an entirely new set of mini-sequences including Seaweed 2, The Starfish, Adonis Waves, Arm Waves, and Klimt.

Healing Dance 2 carries further the emphasis on Relating and Mirroring by which students hone the all important art of responding to the kinetic and feeling states of their receivers. A written and photo manual are provided and an MP4 of the sequence is made available.

Prerequisites: Healing Dance 1 & Healing Dance Integration Day

Credits: 50 hours

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