Tantsu® 2

This 6-day course is a sequel to Tantsu 1, during which you will deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills to be able to offer professional Tantsu sessions.

A Tantsu session includes whole body holding, passive stretching, shiatsu pressure, massage techniques, contact of the energetic body, spontaneous movement and non-verbal communication.

Tantsu 2 will take you deeper into this relaxing and stress relieving bodywork practice that can be received in a therapeutic context, or shared for enjoyment and connection between family and friends.

Tantsu can be practiced anywhere, with nearly every kind of person, from babies to the elderly, in loose clothing. It offers an opportunity to relax into a safe intimate contact, thereby creating a sensation of deep containment and a unique state of wellbeing.

Tantsu 1

Credits: Tantsu 2 is recognized by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) as part of the Watsu training program and gives 50 hours of credit for registration with WABA and Watsu India.

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