Watsu® and Compassionate Communication

A 3-day course.

As important as the treatment in the water itself is how we approach the clients before and after a session. Listening to their needs in a compassionate way can contribute to deepen their experience.


What do I say in the pre-talk? How do I react on their sharing after a treatment?

Compassionate communication gives us tools in our hands that help us connect with our clients on a deeper level. We will learn some basics about the principles of this kind of communication and practise its tools on land and in the water.

"Giraffe" is a language of requests; "Jackal" is a language of demands.

Compassionate communication in a nutshell:

According to Dr. Rosenberg (the founder of NVC), humans speak two languages, Jackal and Giraffe (the land animal with the biggest heart). Jackal is mostly about blaming others for our pain. Jackal is mostly concerned with the past. Giraffe, on the other hand rigidly confines itself to four topics:

  • Observations of what is happening now. (Facts without evaluating, moralising or blaming.)
  • What I am feeling, and what I guess you are feeling.
  • What it is I think I need and what it is I think you need.
  • Concise, specific, concrete, doable, clear requests of others to meet those needs.

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