WaterDance (also known as WATA and WasserTanzen) is a dynamic movement therapy above and below water. It was developed in 1987 by Peter Schröter and Arjana C. Brunschwiler.

The practitioner follows the breath of the receiver, signaling manually before each submerging. The client wears a noseclip and is guided into the weightless three-dimensionality of the underwater world. Extensions, stretches, flexions, dolphin-like movements and snake-like rhythms release not only on the physical level, but allow the deepest states of relaxation and meditation to be experienced, sometimes even inviting to return to memories of the womb.


As the dive reflex gets activated, breath and heart rate slow down. It is a profound therapy, in which time and space lose their meaning. Regression often occurs in which wounds from the past can be processed effortlessly.

For more information: www.waterdance.world