Watsu (WATer ShiatSU) began in the 1980s in a warm pool at Harbin Hot Springs, when Harold Dull started floating people while applying the stretches and principles of the Zen Shiatsu he had studied in Japan.


Over the years, with the help of countless others in courses, clinics and spas around the world, Watsu has evolved into what many consider the most profound development in bodywork in our time.


While the client stays all the time on the surface, it combines stretching and relaxation together with light pressure on acupressure points to provide a sense of well being and re-establish a balance between body and mind. Harold Dull called it "an art of mental healing".

While therapies on land are based on touch, the holding that working in water necessitates, brings the receiver to a new level of connection and trust. This, combined with the therapeutic benefits of warm water and the greater freedom of movement it encourages, creates a modality that can affect every level of our being.

For more information: www.watsu.com