I simply love water... and in giving water sessions I found my purpose; sharing with others the relaxation, the joy and the bliss which water gives me. I offer the possibility to experience the comfort, fulfillment, and excitement of simply being, while being held and moved.

I started giving Watsu sessions as soon as the pool in Quiet Healing Center was ready and I am still happy to work there.

Most of the courses I did as a student or assistant in Quiet. How ever “Healing dance” and “Water dance” courses I followed in Goa.

Before coming to Auroville in 1990 I was a physical education teacher. For 10 years I worked with physically and mentally handicapped children, spending a lot of time with them in water. I am also psycho-motoric therapist.

At the moment I give classes for pregnant women, on land and in the water, and "swimming" classes for babies and kindergarden kids.

I am especially happy to be available for pregnant women and children in the water. They are welcome for a full or half session.

Guido Ryckaert


Born in Belgium, I have been living in Auroville, an intentional community and township in the making in Tamil Nadu, South India, since 1988. I became passionate about aquatic body work several years ago and went through an intensive training program to practice Watsu. I also studied other water therapies such as Healing Dance, Water Dance, Liquid Flow, and AquaWellness.

I have been a practitioner at the Quiet Healing Center, a health spa located on the beautiful Coromandel coast, since 2007. I love giving sessions and letting people dive into that silent, deeply relaxing space, where the lightness of being and the joy of movement through water can be experienced and a sense of wholeness be restored. Offering a space for inner connection and a journey within oneself...

Laura Nina Mosci

Born in Italy and a traveler by nature I choose to let my roots deep in the ground of Auroville 9 years ago. This life changing decision was directed by the search for the path of inner realization, a wish for a truer life based on human unity, love, compassion and discovery.

The greater discovery was the Water in her new dimension of supporting element allowing us to float others and being floated into a very new dimension.

I am very passionate about the Water work, already as a student of Watsu, Healing Dance and Water Dance there were so many changes were happening in my life, produced by the deep impact water has on my heart and on my soul.

True moments of deep joy were part of my blessed life in India as I became a WABA Certified Watsu Practitioner in 2010 and a Water Dance Practitioner in 2011.

I wish from the bottom of my heart to share this joy with all the people who are going to be in my arms holding for them a peaceful and protected space in the Water.


I discovered my love for the waterwork in 2001 after coming to live in Auroville in 2000. Since then I participated in many Watsu, Wata and Aquawellness courses in India and started to offer water sessions at Quiet Healing Center in 2007.

Being a qualified practicing acupuncturist, a yoga teacher and an ardent student of meditation, the water work feels like the joyful merging of all the qualities I deeply wish to generate. Openness, generosity of the heart, being, flowing, joy...

Ursula Endres

  • Social education worker
  • Watsu practitioner
  • Student of Wata and Healing dance
  • Work with chronic pain patients

I was born in Germany in 1954 and worked most of the time as a social education worker with mentally and/or physically challenged adults.

In 2004 life brought me to Auroville, South India. Here I got in touch with water work and it was clear from the beginning that I wanted to learn Watsu and work with it.

After my certification I worked 6 weeks with Carla Kaspers in Germany on a scientific study of chronic pain patients using Watsu as a medium.

Watsu is a miracle to me.

I am very grateful that this work has found me.

Veronique Domingo

  • Watsu practitioner
  • Healing Dance Basic and 1
  • WaterDance 1 and 2
  • Aquawellness 1 and 2
  • Reiki 1 and 2
  • Training in Ayurvedic and Lomi-Lomi massage

Originally from France, I am living in Auroville, the international township in South India, since 1993, working in the art field. I discovered the nourishment and the healing of the Watsu therapy, which had a great effect on my fear of water and was very meaningful for my personal life path. Giving sessions at Quiet Healing Center (India) since 2002.

I feel grateful from all my heart to have the possibility to share the beauty and the deepness of this body work in the water, which gives the space for love and compassion, an other way to communicate with our soul.