Watsu India Team Teachers

Gianni De Stefani

  • Swiss swimming and Aquafitness instructor
  • Sport teacher instructor
  • Studies in physiotherapy
  • Swim teacher for babies
  • Trainer of OBA (Oceanic Bodywork Aqua) 1 - 2 and 3
  • Trainer of Watsu Basic, Watsu 1, Watsu 2, Watsu 3, Meditation for Watsu, Adapted Watsu, Ai-Chi, Watsu for Babies
  • Trainer Anatomy for Aquatic Bodyworker
  • Certified Aquatic Bodyworker
  • Trainer of WOGA Water Yoga
  • Tantsu and Ayurvedic Marma Massage
  • Swiss Olympic Certified Adult Pedagogical Teacher
  • Aquatic Sport Professor

I synthesize my own personal program which includes different techniques such as Eutonie in water, Oceanic Bodywork Aqua, Watsu, Woga (yoga in the water), Ai Chi and aquatic work for pregnant women. As founder of the Watsu IndiaTM - Institute for Aquatic Bodywork India, my aim is to spread this beautiful water work in India and all over the world.

Dariya Kužnik

  • Teacher: Liquid Flow, Watsu 1, Woga 1-2, Ai Chi, Watsu & Meditation, Watsu & Breathing
  • Practitioner: WATA
  • Student of: Oceanic Bodywork Aqua, Dolphin Dance, Healing Dance, Prenatal Journey

Other Modalities:

  • The Journey accredited practitioner
  • Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection practitioner
  • Laughter Yoga teacher
  • Women’s group Facilitator (by Awakening Women Institute)
  • Facilitator of Dance Space

Student of:

Nonviolent communication, Reiki level 2, Thai Yoga massage, Lomi-Lomi, Ayurvedic massage, Clinical Hypnotherapy (5 levels), Drunvalo’s School of Remembering

I was born in Slovenia. Looking for deeper meaning in life, brought me to the International Township of Auroville, South India, where I live since 1991 and became a mother in 1992.

Since my late teens, I have been learning and growing through body work, movement exploration & meditation. I got deeply connected and active with the beauty and possibilities of growth and connections through water work, since 2001.

I believe that we people are very much into doing, not taking enough time for being. This is why I am attempting to create spaces on land (Dance space, Women Temple…) and in water for others and myself to simply be and deepen and unfold moment to moment, being again and again touched by witnessing the openings and transformation through which we move in such intimate spaces...

I feel grateful that my work and what I love are one...

Daniel Bongard

  • Primary and Secondary school teacher
  • Physical Education teacher
  • Body Centered Psychotherapist IKP
  • Body Centered Breath Therapist IKP
  • WATSU®, WATA® and Liquid Flow Practitioner
  • Certified Aquatic Bodyworker
  • Teacher of Liquid Flow Basic and Essence

After spending the first 45 years of my life in Switzerland, being mainly a teacher and during the last 10 years also an aquatic bodyworker, love and life brought me to Auroville, the international township in South India.

Since the very first time I came to Auroville, I was offering water sessions at Quiet Healing Center and for some time also exploring the possibilities of work in the water with physically and mentally disabled village children.

Together with Dariya we are in the process of developing and teaching “our own” form of bodywork in water called Liquid Flow Basic and Essence (intermediate).

I am happy to share the activity I love the most as my daily work. It makes me deeply grateful and gives me a feeling of coming home.

Petra Buschfeld

  • WABA teacher - Watsu basic
  • WOGA 1+2 teacher
  • Waterdance Practitioner
  • OBA introduction teacher

I discovered my love for the waterwork in 2001 after coming to live in Auroville in 2000. Since then I participated in many Watsu, Wata and Aquawellness courses in India and started to offer water sessions at Quiet Healing Center in 2007.

Being a qualified practicing acupuncturist, a yoga teacher and an ardent student of meditation, the water work feels like the joyful merging of all the qualities I deeply wish to generate. Openness, generosity of the heart, being, flowing, joy...

Xavier Boisson

WABA Instructor for Watsu Basic, Watsu 1, watsu & breathing as well as Tantsu (land work) WaterDance practitioner, he is specialized in working with pregnant women (and their partner).

Guest Teachers


"Take a drop of water. If you know how to listen to it, it will tell you about the earth, the sea and the sky…"

30 years ago, Arjana discovered the beauty and the healing powers of Aquatic Bodywork and since then she is sharing this gift as an international facilitator of WaterDance and WATSU (Europe, USA, Hawaii, New Zealand, Israel, Czech Republic, Poland, Bali…).

Important professional milestones:

  • Studying and practicing different forms of bodywork since 1985
  • Co-Founder of WaterDance (1987)
  • Certified WATSU facilitator (1992)
  • Co-Founder and director of the Institute of Aquatic Bodywork Switzerland (1992-2004)
  • Founder of the Aquatic Bodywork Center in Belgium “Le Centre” (1996)

In addition to her work in the water, Arjana has been trained in Hatha Yoga (Mexico and Belgium), Hormon Yoga (Switzerland), perineology (BeBo Switzerland), Natural Systemic Therapy (SNT Switzerland), Federal Adult Eduction (SVEB Switzerland), and Subtle Energy Healingwork (Energy Mastery School USA).


I have been dancing in the water since my first training with Alexander in 1999. The fluidity and dynamic grace inherent in aquatic bodywork immediately touched my center, and integrated my passions for body awareness, movement and relating. I studied many of the prominent aquatic modalities, and was certified to teach Healing Dance by Alexander in 2005. Since then I continue traveling to teach in the USA, Spain, Italy, Israel, Hawaii, India and Hungary. I love discovering new people, waters, and countries through this beautiful art.

In addition to my experience in the water, I have practiced and taught bodywork for over 20 years, instruct individuals and groups in sustainable fitness and movement practices, and am perpetually fascinated with exploring and expanding awareness through the body. Outside of the teaching field, I have worked at diverse interests ranging from performing classical musician to climbing arborist. I look forward to meeting you in the water!

Helen Ulrike Schulz

Founder of the IAKA „Institut für Aquatische Körperarbeit, Germany“ (WABA institute) since 1993, Helen has taught since 1991 Watsu classes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Island, Norway, Hawaii, Holland, Israel, Chile, Brazil, India, and Russia.

She integrates her medical background with a profound holistic knowing of different methods, and the deep understanding of the interdependence of our prenatal & birth patterns to our adult life, which can be positively influenced & healed by aquatic bodywork. She loves to help students find their own potential and teaches with passion, patience, depth & humor.

As an ergo therapist (O.T.), holding a state diploma, she has a long-standing professional experience in leading groups and working with people in one-to-one sessions. She has been learning Watsu with Harold Dull since 1989, is an authorized WABA instructor since 1991, and is teaching all levels of Watsu (1, 2 & 3). She has been learning from various

Watsu teachers like Elaine Marie & Minakshi and is one of the oldest Watsu teachers in Europe.

WaterDance training with Peter A. Schröter & Arjana C. Brunschwiler, WATA PR & Assistant since 1994, Healing Dance trainings & assistant with Alexander George since 1997, Jahara method with Mario Jahara.

Lomi-Lomi-Nui trainer since 1996 (Hawaiian Healing Massage (Aloha-International Kawai), Vision Quest guide (School of Lost Borders, California), nature based seminars with women and young people.

Educated in various holistic bodywork techniques, massage, Tantra, Avatar etc. (USA, CH, D).

IAT practitioner & teaching assistant “Integrative Aquatic Therapy” (aquatic bodywork for perinatal shock and trauma patterns, Dr. David Sawyer & Annie Brook, USA).

Luigi Cappellini

As president of the Oceanic Bodywork institute, he acts as director of education. He is married with three adult children and lives in Tesserete, Switzerland. After studying sociology in Geneva and education in Florence, he worked for a few years as a director of commercial companies, before he returned to education. He was a teacher for 27 years before he retired. At the same time he had always felt a close affinity to water, his favorite element - as a sportsman involved with swimming & water polo, later as a swimming instructor, as well as practicing scuba diving since 1973 (European Champion 1974 underwater technique). From 1980, he spent some years following 2 Japanese masters, who introduced him to Shiatsu. He has been involved with Oceanic Bodywork Aqua since 1996, and has been teaching it since 2000.

Mary Seamster

Mary Seamster, LMT, RCST, Integrative Aquatic Therapist, Amnion and Watsu Instructor. Currently serves as the Executive Director of White Stone Medical Inc in La Center, WA, and is the developer of Amnion.

In the late 70's, Mary’s life long exploration of the correlation between mind, body and spirit began. In her water classes she incorporates her years of study in martial arts, massage, energetic healing, Hakomi practice, group dynamics, and in the last 18 years, pre and perinatal psychology.

She has completed a two year land based prenatal training with Ray Castellino DC as well as with David Sawyer’s water based Integrative Aquatic Therapy. Mary's life ambition is to never stop learning; she finished her two year study of Biodynamic Cranial Sacral with Anna and John Chitty.

She has been teaching Watsu for the last 20 years in private settings as well as in hospitals and PT pools. Students comment on her passion for the work, attention to detail, body mechanics, warmth and sense of humour. When you come to her class, expect plenty of personal attention.

Shanti E. Petschel

I have professional backgrounds in Healing Pedagogy, as a trained artist in painting and music (drums, gongs, percussion), and shamanic approaches of Healing in Nature, for more than 25 years.

I fell in love with Aquatic Bodywork twenty years ago, couldn’t help, but go through more than 4000 hours of training in AB, which has led me to integrate the “Aquatic Bodywork” on a cellular basis. For me practicing Watsu and WATA became meditation and developed a sense of spiritual grounding in me.

Since 1991 I have studied Watsu with Helen Schulz, Harold Dull, Elaine Marie, Minakshi and Healing Dance with Alexander George; my studies of WaterDance got me into lasting friendship and a professional cooperation with Arjana Brunschwiler and Peter Schroeter, the founders of WATA. I am also a practitioner of IAT (trained by David Sawyer & Annie Brook). WaterDance (WATA) with its prenatal implications is now my favorite.

As a WABA instructor of Watsu and WATA, since 1993, I have taught many trainings and seminars in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Hawaii, India, and Chile.

This has enabled me to develop a very personal and unique view on how to support the opening of broadened perception, rich creativity and feeling safe of my students. I feel dedicated to the flow of deepened understanding, qualifying experience, fluent movement and widening vision: If you can develop all that immersed in a big portion of warm laughter and supportive humor, the “Flow of Here and Now” will immediately be present.

Tomasz Zagorsky

Tomasz Zagorski has an educational background as a physical education teacher and athletic coach. Additional education are sports therapy, different kinds of massage and manual therapy. He has opened his doctoral thesis concerning applications of Watsu among endurance athletes at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. He is the owner of a leading massage company HandsOn which is offering and teaching massage for many years. He works with top level athletes including several Olympic champions and medallists, as well as world record holders. He is founder and president of Aquatic Therapy Development Association Watsu Polska which made a huge promotion of Watsu in press articles, internet, during presentations on SPA expos, in universities and clinics.

In teaching Tomasz Zagorski combines his passion for Watsu, academic knowledge and experience from years of work with many interesting people to give students both the knowledge and the skills for safe and effective work with clients and passion for this work as much as he has since his first course in 2000. His main focus is safety, quality of touch and movements.

Tomasz is a former distance runner, he loves to travel, playing golf and skiing.